Food is more than just something tasty. It is more than just a treat. Food fuels your body, physically and spiritually. Food can turn even the worst of days into a better one. It brings people together.
Food should not be abused, it should be celebrated.
Once upon a time, in a time long long ago, there lived a girl who was tired of cheap nasty food. She dreamed of food that was fresh and homemade, without all the preservatives and added ingredients.
So she learned to cook. She cooked and failed but cooked some more! Until finally, she decided to write about her adventures cooking in the kitchen. From cakes to doughnuts, chicken and eggs benedict, everything she makes is all from scratch and so delicious you’ll wonder why you never started cooking at home sooner.
This girl is me. Sarah Freytag. A young culinary student cooking and eating her way through life in Austin, searching for the best food you’ll ever eat.
No shortcuts, just delicious food.

As Mentioned in the Austin Chronicle
Featured on Menuism and The Huffington Post




  1. I absolutely love your recipes, I originally found you when I was browsing food pictures on Instagram and came across the strawberry balsamic chicken. I also made the peach and quinoa salad (which was awesome!) I made strawberry balsamic chicken for dinner (second time for when my fiancé was in town) and he practically licked the plate clean! You are a wonderful chef, keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Sarah, I like your blog. You and I make and like a lot of the same food- your recipes are very much “you” on a plate, and that’s very unique. Great job 🙂

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