Roasted Tomato Basil Soup (Vegan)

Oh how I love fall. With a chill in the air, we can finally start wearing fall clothes without sweating like a dog. Scarves, hats, jeans, it’s all game now! And not to mention the food. Pumpkin everything, mac and cheese, and soup!

I’ve been making so much soup this year and I’m pretty sure it is the been the best decision I’ve made. Now this soup here is probably one of my all time favorite soups ever. It’s rich and super creamy but it’s still vegan and super healthy. The trick to making it thick and creamy? Rice.

I learned this trick in one of my classes for gluten free cooking. Instead of making a roux or veloute, just add a little rice, overcook it, and puree. It creates a super thick, rich, and healthier option without the addition of butter or cream.


Baked Mozzarella Dip

Mmm cheese. Is there anything better?


Avocado Pesto Pasta

I’m a wimp.
I admit it. I went down to SXSW for a couple of hours but  you know what? It’s cold and rainy! No fun you guys.
Now maybe if I actually had something planned out for today to do I would’ve stayed, but today I just kinda winged it.
No luck.