Holiday Recipe Roundup!

I remember when I was a little girl, the holidays seem to take forever to get here. I would wake up each day and it seemed to just drag on. I would watch movies, drink hot chocolate and popcorn, we would do all of the usual holiday festivities. It was a really good time.

Nowadays, I still do most of that but now it seems like the holidays just creep up out of nowhere. Like there’s not much of a break between summer and Christmas. I guess my inner child would be excited.

While I am totally behind on the holiday cooking and baking this year, I thought I would roundup some recipes that are favorites around this time and maybe they’ll give you some inspiration!


Figs with Ricotta and Honey (more…)

Black Eyed Pea Salad

Ah, the old southern tradition. Eat black eyed peas on New Years and it will bring you luck all year long.


Orange and Herb Roasted Chicken

Relax, take a deep breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Feeling better? No? Repeat. Breathe in…. Breathe out…

Fig and Goat Cheese Pork Loin

So… Christmas is almost here.

20 days. The countdown has begun.


Cranberry Orange Coconut Cookies with Whiskey Glaze

What I love about the holidays, by Sarah Freytag.

Brown Butter Gnocchi and More Local Musicians

Hello hello! So, I know many of you are probably getting a little annoyed with my very frequent posts about music lately, I know I am a food blog above anything else, but I live in Austin. We are kind of known for music.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about this really cool band I found recently.


Fudge Brownie, Butterscotch Mousse and Freshly Whipped Cream and some Fun Fun Fun Fest Recaps

Goodmorning everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend? Did anyone else attend Fun Fun Fun Fest?

I was able to go for the first time this year, and it blew me away. Seriously, FFF was ridiculously fun and awesome. The amount of talent that was here was incredible. (more…)

Beer Bread Meatloaf Sandwich

And here we are. The last monday in October for 2013.

This time next week everyone will be scrambling to start getting ready for Thanksgiving which is only one month away. Scary isn’t it?