A Fresh Start and Fresh Strawberry Lemonade


So these past 3 days have been busy busy trying to transfer all of my recipes and posts from my old website to this new one.

One by one, copy, paste, tag, post, cop that link, copy into the recipe page etc. There’s probably an easier way but that’s the only way I know of.



White Chocolate Lemon Profiteroles

This past weekend seemed like it was just a big ole’ failure for me when it came to cooking.
It seemed like everything I made came out disappointing.


Lemon Raspberry Truffle Cake

This weekend I am at my grandparents house who live in San Angelo. Every year, for as long as I can remember, we have always gone to the Christmas in Ole For Concho here in San Angelo. It’s tradition! I was very excited to get off work for it. Even though it’s warm outside, the traditions make it feel like Christmas. Lights on outside the house, fort concho, christmas trees and Christmas movies.
We went to a special showing of the movie “A Christmas Story” at Tinseltown this past Wednesday and let me tell you it was fun! I don’t know if i’ve ever watched the whole movie from beginning to end before then, but it always makes it feel like Christmas.