Holiday Recipe Roundup!

I remember when I was a little girl, the holidays seem to take forever to get here. I would wake up each day and it seemed to just drag on. I would watch movies, drink hot chocolate and popcorn, we would do all of the usual holiday festivities. It was a really good time.

Nowadays, I still do most of that but now it seems like the holidays just creep up out of nowhere. Like there’s not much of a break between summer and Christmas. I guess my inner child would be excited.

While I am totally behind on the holiday cooking and baking this year, I thought I would roundup some recipes that are favorites around this time and maybe they’ll give you some inspiration!


Figs with Ricotta and Honey (more…)

Orange and Herb Roasted Chicken

Relax, take a deep breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Feeling better? No? Repeat. Breathe in…. Breathe out…

Rosemary Cherry Almond Pie

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!

Are you ready to have the feast of your life? To eat more food than your stomach can handle and then eat some more? To bring your inner fat kid to life for this one day of gorging yourself into a blissful food coma?

Orange Honey Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes

Do you love sweet potatoes and or brussel sprouts? Are you the only one in your family that does?

Do you suffer from not being able to have these delicious delicacies on your Thanksgiving table each other because of that?

Well my friends, this recipe is for you.


Fudge Brownie, Butterscotch Mousse and Freshly Whipped Cream and some Fun Fun Fun Fest Recaps

Goodmorning everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend? Did anyone else attend Fun Fun Fun Fest?

I was able to go for the first time this year, and it blew me away. Seriously, FFF was ridiculously fun and awesome. The amount of talent that was here was incredible. (more…)

Pumpkin Goat Cheese Bread Pudding

Happy halloween!

I know I should be posting about how to make homemade candy, or what to do with leftover candy but well… I’m not.

I guess I haven’t gotten into the halloween spirit yet.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Scones

Because we really need another pumpkin recipe.

Honestly, pinterest, tumblr, twitter, foodgawker, every food site has been bombarding me with pumpkin recipes! Pumpkin this pumpkin that. It’s almost exhausting.

Which recipe do you choose? There’s at least 10 recipes for the same thing, so which is the best?

Brussel Sprout and Sweet Potato Pot Pies

Is it too early to be posting such fall-ish dishes?

I don’t think so, I mean just looking at pinterest my dash is filled with Halloween and Thanksgiving recipes. I’m starting to feel behind!

And that’s where these brussel sprout and sweet potato pot pies come in. Take two ridiculously light and healthy vegetables, add some creamy cheesy sauce, and top it off with a buttery crust and you’ve got one completely hearty and warming dish, perfect for those cold fall and winter days!


Vegetarian Pumpkin Chili

Is anyone else ready for cooler weather?

I mean, I’m all for the heat, but these 100+ days are starting to get to me. Yesterday I was driving home from class in the middle of the day and I swear I could not get home fast enough. As if driving home from a boring lecture doesn’t put you in a bad enough mood, add in suppressing heat, and you’re a road rage bomb just waiting to happen.

Sorry people! It’s not you… it’s me!