The Bucket List

What do you want to do before you die? All my life I have dreamed of doing something amazing and who knows, maybe one day I will actually do some of these. To keep my morale from completely being sunk I decided to write about some of the things I already have done to remind myself that everything on this list are things I haven’t done as of now. Who’s with me?

  1. Travel to Ireland
  2. Travel to England
  3. Travel to Italy
  4. Travel to New Zealand
  5. Go snowboard
  6. Go skiing
  7. Go to Germany for Oktoberfest
  8. Climb a mountain
  9. Go skydiving
  10. Go scuba-diving
  11. Finish a marathon
  12. Go to a pro hockey game
  13. Go to a pro football game
  14. Go on a crazy long bike ride
  15. Go camping with friends
  16. Hike across a glacier
  17. See the northern lights in Iceland
  18. Start a singing group in a bar in Ireland
  19. See penguins in the wild
  20. Eat at one of Thomas Keller’s restaurants
  21. Ride on a dogsled
  22. Go ice fishing
  23. Stay the night in an igloo
  24. Get my culinary degree
  25. Get my pastry degree
  26. Be interviewed on television
  27. Write a book
  28. Get married (once and forever)
  29. Sing karaoke
  30. Be an extra in a movie
  31. Drive route 66
  32. Try Juniors cheesecake in NY
  33. Try deep dish pizza in Chicago
  34. Ride a gondola in Venice
  35. Gamble in Las Vegas
  36. Stay in a haunted hotel
  37. Visit a Christmas market in Germany
  38. Attend new years in New York
  39. Visit Alcatraz
  40. Volunteer overseas
  41. Work in a restaurant/bakery in another country
  42. Study abroad
  43. Help someone who dearly needs it (More than just a couple of bucks, life changing good)
  44. Learn to practice yoga
  45. Leave a cute guy a note
  46. Get a tattoo
  47. Go to a drive in movie theater
  48. Try a food challenge
  49. Write a cookbook
  50. Take a crazy road trip with friends
  51. Throw a dinner party for my close friends
  52. Ride in a helicopter
  53. Ride a horse
  54. Live abroad
  55. Live on the road for a while
  56. Ride a train through Europe
  57. Stay in a castle
  58. Milk a cow
  59. Serve food at a soup kitchen
  60. Go to an ice bar
  61. Go camping on the beach
  62. Perform onstage for a crowd larger than 500
  63. Take a picture with the eiffel tower
  64. Throw tomatoes at La Tomatino
  65. Cheese rolling at Cooper’s Hill
  66. See the colluseum
  67. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
  68. Eat chocolate in switzerland
  69. Drink wine/beer at a brewery/vineyard
  70. Master a dish and call it my own recipe
  71. Teach someone else to cook
  72. Record a song
  73. Be on a cooking show
  74. Visit every state in the US
  75. Eat at Chuck Hughes restaurant
  76. Eat at Paula Deens restaurant
  77. Interview a famous celebrity
  78. Spend a weekend in a cabin in the middle of nowhere
  79. Take a train across Europe
  80. Go whale watching
  81. Go fishing in Alaska
  82. Ride an elephant
  83. Make a wedding cake for someone
  84. Cross a glacier by foot
  85. Go to both the north and south pole
  86. Go to a broadway show in New York
  87. See the Rockettes
  88. Change someones life for the better
  89. Attain wisdom and pass it on to my children and their children
  90. Meet a president of a country
  91. Travel first class
  92. Go on a superyacht
  93. Swim in the blue lagoon in iceland
  94. Walk the Great wall of China
  95. Visit the Mendenhall Ice Caves of Juneau in Alaska
  96. Visit the Glowworm Caves in Waitomo, New Zealand
  97. Visit the Volcanoes of Kamchatka in Russia
  98. Build my own house, or at least a treehouse
  99. Have a family
  100. Live happily ever after

Things I’ve already done

  1. Been to the grand canyon
  2. Stayed in the El Tovar hotel
  3. Been to Las Vegas
  4. Eaten shrimp and grits, beignets, red beans and rice and bread pudding in New Orleans
  5. Been to Nashville Tennessee
  6. Eaten at the Loveless Cafe in Tennessee
  7. Gone surfing
  8. Sandboarding in Colorado
  9. Visited great sand dunes national park in New Mexico
  10. Been to the Grand Canyon
  11. Been a guest speaker at The University of Texas
  12. Been mentioned in a local newspaper
  13. Been featured in the Huffington Post
  14. Taken karate classes
  15. Taught kids karate
  16. Taken gymnastics classes
  17. Learned how to play the guitar
  18. Interview a local chef
  19. Stage at a restaurant
  20. Worked a job I hated
  21. Worked a job I loved
  22. Loved and lost friends
  23. Met some famous bands
  24. Won tickets from a radio station
  25. SXSW
  26. ACL Music fest
  27. Fun Fun Fun Fest
  28. Seen legends like George Strait and Willie Nelson in concert
  29. Gone to a college football game (UT)
  30. Currently in culinary school

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